What do you get when you mix one part Diablo, one part Baldur's Gate, two parts originality, and cook it all in a toasty historical bun? The answer is Object Software's latest offering, Prince of Qin.

This is a game which combines the elements of Diablo II and Throne of Darkness. At first blush, the beta seems little more than a hack-n-slash trip through the medieval world of feudal China. But when you really get into the game, it presents all the challenge and joy of a slug-fest, the strategic models of the best of the genre.


The inclusion of the Five Elements and creation of unique weaponry helps to give this title a good and unique look that will help it stand out in a genre that is filled with clones; also, the ancient Chinese motif is interesting for players attracted to this period in history. For players who have a passion for things Chinese, ancient or otherwise, this title may be worth a good look.

One of the most interesting features of Dragon Throne should be its profession transference system, also known as military farming, based on real Chinese practices during the period. This system will let you cross-train your citizens as both laborers and soldiers¡­These warrior-peasants will have the added benefit of being able to defend themselves moderately well while farming, thanks to their days of military training.

Battle of Red Cliffs¡­takes snippets of actual events of Chinese history, then challenges players to meet the same obstacles and attempt to achieve the same goals as the historical figures depicted in this game.
Adams Comments on "Fate of the Dragon"

Let's be honest. There are a lot of RTSs out there. Probably too many. And I'm even a pretty big fan of the genre. But every now and again, something that one of these games does really catches my fancy and keeps me looking forward to getting another chance at playing the game. Those games are few and far between, but Fate of the Dragon, once called Three Kingdoms, looks like it might be one of them¡­

The game offers you many opponents such as Bandits, Rebel Troops, Assassins, wandering Warriors, the Hun soldiers\generals\wizards, and the Qin soldiers\generals\wizards, Beasts, Ancient Monsters and all the Bosses in each mission. The player will be challenged hard by their varied skills, the changes in their activities and their co-operation among different troops.

"A great deal of strategy has been incorporated into the combat system so that players will be encouraged to use their mind more often together with their swift hands. So after each success, they will get a stronger feeling of accomplishment."

Dragon Throne is an RTS game with very strong RPG elements and lots of interesting features, like the Multi-scenario system and the Profession-transference system, the latter of which actually existed at the time and was called "Military Farming". These features make Dragon Throne a "different" RTS game.


We have doubled the number of different types of soldiers, added one more type of hero, and changed the number of hero skills from 11 to 50. There are also lots of changes in artwork and gameplay¡­
I think the game system of Fate of the Dragon is pretty solid and flexible. What we have tried to achieve in Dragon Throne are well-designed storylike missions to attract the player to keep on playing the game...

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Strategy Player gets a touch of the Orient, talking to Persy Zhang from Overmax Studio, China's biggest developer and creators of EIDOS' forthcoming historical real-time strategy epic, Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon¡­

PC Gamer - First look for 'Fate of Dragon'

Er¡­gunpowder, clocks, earthquake detectors, kites, very long walls¡­ and now Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon. Well, actually it's not here quite yet-but Beijing developer Overmax Studio is working hard to get it to us for early next year. And we've got every reason to get excited about it. When Shogun: Total War was (finally) released, it benefited massively from the novelty of dipping a big spoon into the pot of real-time strategy¡­

Imitation is historically known as the highest form of flattery. If this is indeed the case, then the folks at Blizzard Entertainment must be thrilled to the point of embarrassment. After facing dozens of would-be suitors to their WarCraft, StarCraft and Diablo franchises, the world famous developer has continually proven that they are the only ones who can top themselves. Sooner or later, however someone else is bound to get the formula right...