The Object Software group of companies was established in February 1995 with the formation of its game development studio in Beijing.


From the very beginning Object Software's mission has been to produce entertainment software which matches the highest international quality standards.


Object Software soon became the leading game developer in Mainland China and it remains today the only independent PC game developer in Mainland China whose games have been published worldwide in multilanguages as was the case with "Fate of the Dragon" (Eidos 2001), Dragon Throne: Battle of the Red Cliffs (Strategy First, Eidos KK 2002) and Prince of Qin (Strategy First, Capcom 2002 and 2003).


In 2003 Object Software launched its first online game "World of Qin" in China and that game was subsequently licensed in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and in South Korea.


In 2004 Object Software took steps to begin transforming itself to an intergrated online game developer and operator and May 2005 saw the commercial launch in China of "World of Qin 2" which became the first online game developed by Object Software to be operated by the group.


As with the group's earlier single player games it is fully expected that the group¡¯s online games will be licensed internationally.


In the years ahead Object Software will continue to pursue its mission of producing excellent computer games which will be of international standard and which will be enjoyed by gamers all over the world.