Overmax Studio was founded in 1997 as a game development team within Object Software.

In 2000, it was merged with Education Software Team (Object Tree) in 2000 and became the main Object Developing Team.

In April 2006, the new Overmax Studio was created to focus on casual game projects development with external partners.


Overmax Studio provides new game projects for market such as character-based online casual games, normal casual games, PC online games and PC massively multiplayer online games and so on. The multi-style graphics, like 2D, 2.5D, 3D, cartoon in Japanese style, realistic Euro-Amer. style and traditional Chinese painting style are available as well.


  • We have complete online game solutions because our SDK engine has the following features: Supporting multi-style game development requirements such as 2D, 2.5D and 3D;
  • Allowing the construction of truly massive multiplayer games with no limitations as well as the PC game client's requirements on networking;
  •  It is easy to make multi-language game platform;


With high stability and flexibility we can guarantee the game quality and reduce the risk of uncertainties.



With wonderful professional management such as


  • Specially assigned communication channel
  • Standard Project Management procedure to help clients realize their aims efficiently
  • Various solutions on design, programming and technology service
  • Strong R&D support to ensure the excellence of the product


Our studio will make a project setup after receiving the requirements of our client. The project team including designers, technical people and programmers will do the corresponding support work before the project goes to the client coordinator for him to make an internal review.


And after that the project team have to carry out amendment tests to perfect the project before the studio undertakes final review, client communication and delivery.




To make the best games in the world;

To be the strongest team in China