Phoenix Dynasty Online (Free to Play)


This is the free to play version of World of Qin 2 and is a 2.5 D MMORPG. It has the same graphics and background story as World of Qin 2 pay to play version but quite different game play to suit the Free to play model. It was released in the China market in July 2006 and attracted a large number of players.

In December 2006, Phoenix Dancing won the award "Best Game Publication in Beijing" which was made by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication.


Dragon Throne Online


This is a fully 3D MMORPG based on "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". In Mainland China the game is titled "Ao Shi Online".


"Dragon Throne Online" went commercial in the Mainland China market on 1st April, 2006. It is free to play using item selling to generate revenue.


At the 3rd Annual Conference of the Chinese e-Game Industry "Dragon Throne Online" won 3 awards for "Best Graphic Design of the Year 2005", "Best Game Character Design of the Year 2005" and "Most Anticipated Game of the Year 2005".

World of Qin 2/ Tianjiao 2


This is the online prequel to "World of Qin"/ "Tianjiao". It is a 2.5D MMORPG i.e the characters are 3D and the backgrounds are 2D. The game has a completely new network engine, which supports a recommended game world of around 2000 players. The game went commercial in China on 5th May, 2005 and it immediately became a top 10 online game in the China market.


Since its launch on 8th March, 2005 World of Qin 2 has been voted Best Domestic Network Game and Best 2D Game, by the readers of "Computer Fans Magazine" and "Interactive Software" and the users of the leading Game Web Site "17173".


The German version of "World of Qin 2" has been released commercially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Gamigo AG, the leading online game operator in those markets.


World of Qin / Tianjiao 1


"World of Qin" is a 2D MMORPG and is available in Mainland China, where it is known as "Tianjiao", at It went commercial in April 2003 and since the autumn of 2005 has been operated as a free to play game by Object Online. In August 2003 "World of Qin" won the Best Chinese MMOG award in a survey participated in by many well known companies and media interests including Lycos, Computer & Live, Interactive Software, Hotspot and Junwang Online. In the second "Chinese Multimedia Product Awards" "World of Qin" was voted "Best Game" and was given a Special Recommendation Award. "World of Qin" was licensed to Lycos Asia in 2003 for the markets of Singapore and Malaysia and subsequently Teckwah Online which acquired the game business of Lycos Asia licensed the game for the Philippines and Indonesia.

"World of Qin" was also licensed to KingdomWorks Interactive for the South Korean market.