Myths & Heroes is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game£¨MMORPG£©by Object Software. Being different from the traditional MMORPG, it has lots of unique features. Based on the original five elements system in the Tianjiao series, Myths & Heroes ("Tianjiao 3" in China) gives a new meaning to the five elements. Lots of creative and interesting playing methods have been produced, due to the flexible instances design. The social system which integrates features of a talent system in RTS games is also a bold innovation.

To create a fantastic game world, Myths & Heroes absorbs a huge amount of elements from fantasy literature both home and abroad. There are different landforms in the game habituated by weird or lovely monsters, such as desert, plain, forest and swamp, let alone the magnificent city, the mysterious underground palace, and the miraculous floating island. Gamers are able to do everything they dream of in the Myths & Heroes, to experience a unique and fantastic legendary adventure.

The world of Myths & Heroes is named as Pan Gu Land, which is made up of many areas with completely different landforms. The world is close to reality but more fantastic. There are many floating islands hanging above the Land, also lots of underground caverns hidden below. At the center of the Land, an extremely prosperous city is located there¡ªthe Unique Central Capital, which is also the traffic hub of the whole world.


The game adopts advanced 3D technology to make the game world much closer to reality, and more attractive to gamers. Various dream-like beautiful scenes are produced due to the rich kinds of landforms, vegetation, construction, and climates, such as the gloomy and damp swamp, snow covered mountain, flowering plain, and sand blown desert.

There are lots of relatively independent instances in the game. Among them, many of the scenes are very distinctive, such as the boiling lava purgatory, the dark and gloomy tomb ruins, the glistening drowned reef, etc. Gamers will be able to experience different amazing scenes which they have never seen before in other games.

The game has an extensive item system. Along with the expansion of stages, ample material and items will be provided to gamers continuously. By upgrading the items, gamers can enhance the attributes of some battle abilities step by step, accompanied with large numbers of dazzling appearance effects on the items. Especially for some ancient holy items, the invincible attributes and gorgeous shapes are sure to seize the hearts of gamers.

Myths & Heroes