Welcome to the world of MKZ! You will experience a first-class FPS which is very competitive compared with other games of this genre, wherever they are developed.

An array of vehicles and intense battlefields. You may drive various tanks and gunships to combat in MKZ.

Various optional classes. You may choose the role of any class you like. Each class has its own advantage and characteristic, and you will never feel bored.

Realistic physics effect. Any behavior of yours in MKZ will be reflected by realistic physics performance. The battle is flexible and full of imagination.

Real-time illumination and shadowing. Your visual sense and behavior will be affected by real-time illumination and shadowing.

Professional weapon design. In MKZ, you may use guns and equipment from real life.


In the year 2020, development of large robot combat units has begun, though at its initial stage. The peace of the world is still maintained by common efforts from traditional military powers. Traditional strong military organizations and paramilitary organizations scattered all over the world build a complicated military web with delicately balanced relationships between each other.

But the fragile military relationships are soon brokenĄ­

Notion of "country" is replaced by interest groups of major regions which control their respective regional territories. Violent national institutions quickly turn into several large PMC companies, and troops fight neither for a certain belief, nor for a certain leader, but for economic benefits only. All of the above is the foundation on which world of MKZ is created.

Metal Knight Zero