Kingdom Tales is a large MMORPG based on Chinese traditional mythology with conflicts among various forces as the key content. It highlights the charming culture of China. The constantly polished graphics, item and story design bring gamers scenic views and creative architecture.

From complex conflict among forces and intense battle, to various play styles, you may do whatever you want in the game world!

Team work is encouraged in Kingdom Tales, while combat in groups and war between nations are the most important parts of the game development. New content such as family and legion enables players to experience various combat categories including group combat, family combat, legion combat and nation combat.

The combat system is an essential part in the game. Many games are regarded as boring by players because the way of gaining exp is through defeating mobs. However, Kingdom Tales changes this routine and adds interesting challenges into the game, with abundant skill combos and critical strike styles to bring players a smooth and pleasant experience.

MMOGs are built in a virtual world, where the player is the host. We were determined to create a "highly free" world for our players from the very beginning of the design of Kingdom Tales. Players may not only craft their own gear, but also influence the whole world.

People live a fast-paced life, but some dull games occupy a large part of their time which we deem as "grey time". Through a special designed combat system, Kingdom Tales changes such "grey time" into a "colorful time", and lets gamers play easily like enjoying a casual game.

While the gameplay is guaranteed, we have emphasised user-friendly design of operation and view adjustment, in order to help players get rid of "3D phobias", and functions such as "Auto Path-finding" help players play Kingdom Tales more easily.

Kingdom Tales