206 BC is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the historical background of the late Qin and early Han Dynasties. It integrates fantastic original scenarios into real historical events, successfully forming a double main line story. In this way, players can not only feel the reality of epic stories, but also experience fantastic scenarios.

The story is based on the magnificent war between Liu Bang "God of the son of fire" and Xiang Yu "King of Western Chu". The passionate and mysterious history makes players want to go back to the past and immerse themselves in the culture of nearly two thousand years ago. It totally depends on you as the aide to Liu Bang or Xiang Yu, and in this respect the freedom of the game is strongly highlighted.

Meanwhile, Chinese ancient myths will also be presented to the players in the game. Lots of mythical characters will appear along the way, such as the White Emperor, the Red Emperor, the Fiery Lord and Lord Hsuan-yuen, combining with other fantastic animals and stories recorded in the Mountain and Sea Classics. 206BC will surely bring you many exciting experiences and surprises.

You will experience innovative, unusual, unique and exciting content in 206 BC:-

Innovative: the brand-new pet system integrates the procedure of incubation C feeding C mutation C combination C domestication. Pets in this game are not only assistants of the characters, but also important participants which have diverse powers and can play multiple roles in the game.

Unusual: the mutual generation and restriction between the five basic elements --- metal, wood, water, fire and earth --- is thoroughly reflected in 206 BC. The element system is integrated into crafting, mob-defeating, scenarios, classes and machine-fabrication. In addition, you may frequently come across the philosophy of Taoism. The interaction and cooperation between players greatly increase the player's stickiness to the game, and also make players feel fulfilled, excited and satisfied.

Unique: equipment DIY is fully supported by the game and that is an important feature distinguishing 206 BC from ordinary MMORPGs. You hardly see exactly same items in the game, and diverse character modes are brought about by matching different equipment.

Exciting: AOE is a key feature of 206 BC as well. Each class has lots of AOE skills and no-cold-down skills. What's more, the various branch classes make the combat much more interesting and exciting.

Welcome to the fantastic world of 206 BC!

206 BC